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Sich öffnen
für neue 

World premiere – a special door experience.

Design is beauty with hidden perfection. With this principle in mind and with great attention to detail, we have once again designed an exceptional reclaimed wood door - a rotating door solution of the highest quality - the Jenkner pivot door.  


Our pivot door system is concealed within the door. It's the ultimate door experience. Find out more about our reclaimed.


Aesthetic Perfection –
An Impressive
Entrance – individual like you.

Every door is unique. Reclaimed wood and aluminum –iIndividuality meets exclusivity.

witte taatsdeur.jpg

Your grand entrance.
A new way to walk in.

Our reclaimed wood pivot doors are absolutely timeless and are suitable for a wide range of applications from classical to modern architecture. The Jenkner pivot door with reclaimed wood adds character and also comforting warmth to your space. Our reclaimed wood is durable and is ideal for heat and sound insulation.

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